Chip shortage workarounds?

I decided I would finish an old project off and want to use a proffie board for it as it seems to be perfect for it.

Sadly it seems the chip shortage has made them next to impossible to get so I’m looking for alternative options. Don’t mind a bit of soldering. I have sourced a teensy 3.2 was thinking I could get a pcb made of the remaining components or proto board it myself. Would that be feasible?

Alternative suggestions welcome…

I suppose I could also shelve it again and wait

You could use the teensysaber V3 PCB, but the IMU (motion chip) is also really difficult to find.
I think it’s still possible to find teensy prop shields though.
A prop shield, a Teensy 3.5 and a FET/PEX and you have a fairly decent saber.

Thanks for the advice. I had a look for teensy v3 boards but can’t locate any stock. Would definitely prefer to buy one from someone/somewhere if I can.

Have managed to source a teensy and prop shield for sale so have that option open.

I meant that if you can find the parts, you can build your own teensysaber V3 boards. Source and oshpark link for the PCBs here: Teensy Saber Electronics V3.0

But as I said, the IMU is pretty hard to find, so using the prop shield is probably easier.

Thanks went for the prop shield. Got the boards today, was about to solder on header pins and a socket but read your comment about cutting the VIN/VUSB. I don’t understand why? I’m using a Teensy 3.5 so the sd card is combined… can i skip that bit?

Important! Make sure you cut the lead between VIN and VUSB on the teensy before you solder it to the prop shield. Cutting it afterwards is not nearly as fun. (But possible with a dremel and small engraving bit.) Once VIN/VUSB is cut, you’ll need to provide external power to use and program the teensy. Also, DO NOT connect the 3.3v pads on the sd card adapter. It’s easier to just feed it 5 volts.

Or use a Teensy 3.5 which has an SD card reader on it already.

Can’t get this teensy 3.5 to work as expected.

What I have built is:
I’ve got the teensy 3.5 hooked up to the prop shield. Speaker connected, pin 21 dac0 going to DAC on the shield. Have a power button connected too.

All powered off the usb cable currently.

Software wise.
Using Proffoe OS 5.9
Have added ‘#include <SD.h>‘ above the config loading section to allow the used of ‘BUILTIN_SD’ for the sd card select

When I enable debug mode I can see it outputting data. It says sd found but lists no files. Tried beep command that just makes a faint click. I assume this is the amp turning off, the console constantly tells me amplifier off.

My guess is the lack of sd files is the problem here. I have run the teensy SD list files example which successfully shows my whole sd card contents fine. I think the sd card is just being read in the wrong way but can’t figure out where or how??

Can you post your config file and whatever other changes you have made? I know that using the built-in SD card has worked in the past, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult to make it work again. However, it will be a couple of days before i can try this myself, if that turns out to be needed.

So its now 100% working! It turns out I wired DAC0 to the wrong pin on the shield :man_facepalming: . Had fixed the software side long ago and just didnt know.

Thanks for the help, its a nice bit of software the serial commands you’ve made are really handy! For anyone else who has issues and googles their way around hopefully this thread can serve as an answer to save you the time…

GUIDE to using Teensy 3.5 and prop shield with Proffie OS 5.9

If it dosent work after doing these things you probably have made a wiring error or your SD card is too slow or loaded with the wrong files.

The pjrc prop shield fits on the teensy 3.5 fine. Line up the GND in the top corner of the shield with the GND on the teensy I reccomend you only use pins where they are needed to save on soldering and if you make a mistake. I used male and female headers.

The teensy 3.5 has a slightly different pin layout so you need a jumper wire from pin 22 to DAC on the prop shield. Note the writing is at an angle so its easy to solder to the wrong pin… this wont do any harm but it wont work. (See purple wire in the photo)

I’ve attached the config files I used feel free to just use those. To do it manually there are very few changes you need to make.
The internal SD card is enabled with this line
sdCardSelectPin = BUILTIN_SDCARD
you will also need to make sure that the include for SD.h #include <SD.h> has been called before this line. I just put it in at the top of the config file.

prop_shield_teensy3.5_v1_config.h (3.5 KB) vTeensy_3.5_config.h (2.9 KB)