Checking version on a board with no usb connector

the reason I wanted to ask is to see which prop file I’m using on the board.

I know Fernando has added new controls for 1 button and I can’t seem to get the edit mode to work properly so I wanted to see which prop file is in use.

unfortunately I can’t update my board cause I ripped off the usb interface.

You can talk to the board with this:

I would hook up the SWDIO pins to a ST-link V2 debugger. Then you can download the program from the board (using openocd) and upload it to another board, where you can just use the serial monitor to check the version and stuff. Even with the serial monitor, it won’t tell you what prop file was used though.

You can also load up the program in a text editor and look for strings that might give you clues about what prop file was used.

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A serial port thingy will only work if you had ENABLE_SERIAL in the config file when you programmed it.

@Afrojedi I got a link for that link right here:

How’s this hooked up?

RESET → RESET (optional)

i’m a visual learner. this means nothing to me.

Well when you get it, they give you visual aid:
Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 4.25.38 AM