Character "Recipes" for OS6 Style Library

I’m working on adding a character “Recipe” builder for my library that will put together style combos and colors based on available source material. I’ll be starting with the films and Live Action series but wanted the community to help track down animation (excluding Visions since I already have) or video games (excluding Fallen Order) or other Canon/Legends source material on YouTube to help catalog other characters. I haven’t seen or played everything available so I’d like the community to help fill out the character list. Please post the character, game or show title and a link to a YT video of their saber in action in this thread so I can try to include.
They need to be established characters in canon or legends, not fan made, and I need video not still images of the saber effects to be able to create recipes.
If someone posts a character we don’t need duplicates unless it’s a different saber or game.

Ven Zallow
Darth Malgus
Darth Vindican
Kao Cen Darach
Satele Shan


Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight
Kyle Katarn

Fight against Yun

live action scene


Awesome timing for this topic! You know I love the various game characters.
*When Eclipse comes out with more previews or a pro-friend of mine gets anything recorded I’ll post that up. In the meantime here’s my first go-to, The Force Unleashed reference. Since it’s a cutscene movie all Force Wielder scenes are there.


Here’s some more Kyle Katarn (Outcast along w Dark Forces) since @darthsindraga (Nick) posted the one version. It has all character references.

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In these animations, the blade is pretty static, I’ve noticed.

I’ll still match up styles, colors, etc. as close as possible to make it easy for users to grab and match. Some games had more activity in the effects than others and people can always use whatever they want, the goal will be a starting point as close as possible to the source material and then a little “artistic license” where there’s a gap or missing references.

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Exactly, there’s minor stuff that’s in the cutscenes that if you hack into the gaming code itself you can see it. IIRC someone has even modded the in-game effects or even made skin and bladestyle changes to play different characters not included originally like people are doing now with MineCraft.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you put together.

I know more than one person (my daughter included) would want
these two sabers from the anime series Little Witch Academia Ep-24.

*Image used in case anyone who hasn’t seen the series doesn’t understand why.

Dark Forces: Mysteries of The Sith (Mara Jade)

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2

Here’s two videos thought I thought best showed off the effects in these games. One is a rendered cutscene, the other is in-game combat (and includes the unique effect for the Master Power Attack feat).

I’ll put a full list of all characters this applies to at the bottom of this post. It’s quite extensive, since the games utilize these effects for all Force wielders.

These effects are for:

Bastila Shan
Jolee Bindo
Darth Malak
Darth Bandon
The Jedi Exile
Atton Rand
Brianna the Handmaiden
Mical the Disciple
Visas Marr
Kreia/Darth Traya
Darth Sion
Darth Nihilus
Vrook Lamar
Zez-Kai Ell


I haven’t seen this one mentioned, but Kit Fisto’s saber in the 2003 Clone Wars animated series. I think it’s just supposed to be an underwater effect, but it is something different.