Changing volume on single button?

I’m trying to change the volume on the latest single-button Proffie OS. A guide I found online said “menu hold + clash” but that just changes blades. I’m at Star Wars nite and having trouble finding answers via my phone. TIA!

What prop file are you using in your config file?

Ah, I’m not sure. I think whatever comes on the SD card with the Proffie board I got (from the saver armory, if that matters)

Well, it matters, because the way you activate the volume menu is different for each prop, and some prop files don’t have a volume menu. If you don’t know how to use your saber, and you don’t know how it’s configured, then maybe you need to contact your seller/installer and ask them.

Hold button and tap hilt one button continuously to lower volume and 1 press at a time to increase.