Changed basic in-hilt controls after adding blade styles?

hello saber friends out there. first post. I just tried my first foray into editing my proffieboards, and was hoping to get some help. I was able to add some blade styles successfully, but for some reason, after uploading the updated config, it has changed all of my button/motion controls. I no longer have in hilt volume control (holding aux does nothing), and it added some strange gesture controls. for example, if I hold power and clash the saber, it enters a mode where it switches through fonts by rotating the saber? I just want the basic two button controls. any idea where this might be going wrong? I thought maybe the config on my sd card was faulty, but the same issue occurred with multiple sabers with different blade configs. any thoughts? thanks in advance.

Post your config.

It would depend on the OS version of your original saber and/or the prop you added. In addition, you may have defines (or are missing defines) that affect controls. If you had a very old OS previously (pre-OS6) then controls may have changed as new features were added, depending on the prop you’re using there are probably defines that can assist.

thanks for the quick reply. I might be worth mentioning that I purchased a few sabers from various stores on Ali that appeared to all be from the same maker. lower end price point. the sound fonts all match, and the config file is named the same on all of them. not sure if they just stuck the same config in all of them? they are all two-button sabers, but two have accent leds at the bottom, so I would guess those would have to be different.

I should also mention, though, that the same thing occurred with another config file from a nice graflex that I have, so it doesn’t appear to be specific to this config file. could I somehow have a problem with the .ino?

anyways, here is one that was giving me trouble. it is a mace windu two button with no accent leds or lights or anything. I tried using the paste bin site mentioned in the video for the first time, so hopefully it shows up correctly. thanks again!

You’re using my prop, so the controls are listed here.
You’re missing the required set up for it though. See the Set Up Instructions at the top, these are required in OS7 for it to work properly.

If you came from an older OS there are many more features and controls available so you’ll want to review the controls and set up requirements.

In OS7 there’s a ton of customization, so if you want to enable or disable features you can use my config tool it will walk you through selecting the features and will provide a custom Button/Control List based on what you choose. Just watch videos at the top and follow instructions.

thanks again for all your help. I watched the config video, and somehow, I’m still not doing something right. I tried to use the config tool to just make as basic of a file as possible, just to see if it would work. I copied and pasted the blade portion of the config on the sabers SD into the config creator and just added one simple blade style using the style editor. no luck. I’ll add the error code at the end to see if you know what I did wrong. I’ll also add the config it generated.

also, I feel like it’s worth noting that the config file the saber’s sd card indicates 2 blades. this saber only has one blade. no cross guards, crystal chamber, accent leds, button lights, or anything. its just a mace windu saber with a blade. I do have other sabers that appear to be from the same maker that have leds at the bottom of the chassis. do you think they just stuck a generic config on there, and I am using the wrong config altogether? thanks again. your help is really greatly appreciated. I feel like I’m very close. can’t wait to get this figured out.

For specifics of you saber and which config to use you’ll need to ask your installer.

I don’t see anything obvious in the config that would cause an error.

The error occurred just in checking the code in arduino, though. Before I even plugged in the saber. Do you think there is somehow an error with how I have arduino set up? If that config looks good, it seems like it should have passed the check from arduino.

I tested the config you posted and do not get any errors, so you are most likely pointing to the wrong config. Double check that you defined the correct CONFIG_FILE in ProffieOS.ino and/or that you actually saved this config in the correct /config folder.

weird. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It’s definitely in my config folder under proffieOS. thanks for your quick replies and for helping. I wonder if I should just reinstall Arduino and start from scratch. not sure where I have something wrong. thanks, again.

I’d recommend following this page step-by-step.

If you’re still having issues with getting all the Arduino stuff to work, you might want to try out ProffieConfig, which makes it all quite a bit simpler to get going, and you won’t run into those types of setup issues.

I double-checked your config as well and there’s nothing wrong with it that would prevent it from compiling (imported into ProffieConfig and verified fine)

The specific configuration details would still be an installer question, but either way ProffieConfig would make it easier to grasp :slight_smile:

thanks, ryryog. I tried downloading, but my computer wouldn’t let me open because it “couldn’t trust to be free of malware” or something. not sure how to bypass that. I gave it permission to download? wish I was better with computers, smh, lol. as a proffesional musician, my fingers are normally on a different kind of keyboard. or fretboard, lol.

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If it’s chrome that’s giving you issues you can show all downloads and allow it, and if it’s Windows giving you issues, you can click “more info” and run anyways.

If you’re on macOS you’ll need to right click on ProffieConfig in your downloads folder and click “Open” then it’ll allow you to actually open it.