Change Font on Twist

While the blade is off, I would like to twist my saber to change fonts. How is this done? I am already configured to for twist on, #define FETT263_TWIST_ON. Is there an easy define to change fonts on twist?

Controls are listed at top of prop file, or on this page:

Ok, but is that a yes or a no?

Yes, Change Font is listed in the controls depending on the number of buttons.

Is there a way to configure so just a twist will change fonts, without pushing a button first? The switch that usually toggles through my fonts is not working properly, I am hunting down a replacement. Also… thank you. smiles

Not sure it would work like you want as the font could change on its own with any normal movement or handling of the saber. Changing things like fonts, etc without a button would be a bigger headache than help. I would fix your button.

So, I currently have TWIST ON enabled, and its not like the blade just powers on ALL the time while I am just holding the blade, but… it does sometimes. I understand your point. What I ended up doing was flipping my chassis around in the hilt so the buttons swapped, that way SW2 controls font change, and I use MOTIONs (twist, stab, swing, etc…) to power on and off the blade. I think that will work until i get the switch fixed… Thanks!

and thanks for all the work you guys do on this stuff… it is pretty amazing how far you have taken it.

Ignition is an either/or control so EVENT_TWIST makes sense. If you only planned on having 2 fonts you could reprogram the prop to use EVENT_TWIST but my guess is you want to look through more than 2 fonts, in which case you’re wanting the Dial control which is much more sensitive than EVENT _TWIST. It’s your saber so you can technically program whatever you want but it seems like you’re wanting to “dissamble your car to fix a flat tire”.

Yeah… I was hoping for something easy to try. Thanks!

If you only have one working button why not just change to 1 button set up?

A one button setup was suggested to me from a friend, and is a great idea. The button’s tactile feedback is what is not working, so you can mush it, and it works, but its sort of dumpy and not satisfying.

Any idea where to get a replacement switch for the one shown below? I have reached out to the provider, but no response yet.


Not sure, haven’t used. or digikey. You’ll have to do some deep searching for it though, as there are hundreds of thousands of types of tactile switches on those sites. Should be able to get very close to the same thing though. If you have multiple options, a higher activation force will usually give a better click. for that one, before ordering a new one, I’d take the board out and make sure the switch is actually bad. It may be that the actuator just can’t depress it far enough, in which case you could make it better with a shim or maybe desoldering and repositioning the switch a tiny bit closer to the edge of the board.


I thought the switch shown above was a sideways switch?

Oh. Yeah there’s that. Well, where there’s a will there’s a way. Solder is pretty strong ?

These kits are fantastic