Chamber with 2 crystals

I’m making a config for a hilt with - crystal chamber and 2 crystals. The installer told me that it was a second blade with 2 pixel. I have tried different ways on doing it, with no avail. So, do I select second blade/2 pixels/2 blades? Or second blade /2 pixels/1blade?

Usually the installer provides a config, and then you can go from there.
There are lots of possibly valid options, and without knowing how it was wired, it’s difficult answer which option(s) you should actually use.

“It’s a second blade with two pixels” tells us that the two pixels are wired in series, which helps, but it doesn’t actually tell us which data pad or LED pads were hooked up to those LEDs.

Once you figure out which pads were used, you can either configure the blade as one blade with two pixels, or use subblade to configure it as two blades with one pixel each. The second one lets you have different styles for the two crystals, which might be fun, so I would probably do that.

More information on how to use subblade:

Thanks for your reply. I have studied the board and I even made a diagram. My question is when I’m in Fett263 library, I choose: build a sequence/crystal 2 pixels/

Technically any style in the library can run on any “blade”, be it a full length blade, or a crystal or an accent LED. I separate the selections for Enhancements by types based on what is commonly used on the various types and in some instances styles appear differently when run on a single pixel or short strip, than a full length blade. But any style you build can be used on any blade you want.
The previewer is only meant to give an approximation of how effects appear on common blade lengths, the OS will adjust the styles automatically to the blade length in your config.