CFX support current/updated in 6.5?


Just wondered – i see that as of OS3.9 ProffieOS supports native CFX … is this functionality updated to support newer CFX file names … latest CFX firmwares added many more saber events so newer CFX fonts are very similar in functionality to proffie … just wondered if these are still supported in OS6.5


You mean sounds? There were a lot of sound additions for OS6 related to menus and new features but nothing was added specific to CFX to my knowledge. I have never used CFX so probably need more details or examples.

Just looking at the OS3.9 notes it suggests CFX formatted soundfonts are (were) compatible and usable by proffie.

Since that time, CFX has actually added a lot of events (bgnlock/endlock kinda thing) – just wondered if proffieOS had it’s understanding of CFX soundfonts maintained or whether it was just a one-off thing and essentially remains unchanged from 3.9

Hope this makes sense

CFX fonts are still supported, bgnlock and endlock sounds and effects have been in place for Proffie since at least OS4 if not sooner. From what I’ve seen CFX is still playing catch up with OS4 functionality (adding preon and pstoff visual effects).
If there’s something specific it would just need to be added, but I think their “new” stuff is old hat for Proffie users but since I haven’t actually used or researched we’d just need to know specifics to get something added (if it’s worth the effort :wink:)

Current sound file names listed here (although prop files like mine have additional supported sounds added and explained in top section)

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I haven’t checked new CFX fonts but the only issue would be if the sound file names don’t matchup with the older standard. It’s not a hard fix to update the effects file though, so I’ll take a gander at the updated list and make sure things line up.

It’s also possible that CFX handles transitions between sounds differently than ProffieOS does, which would require some compatibility code.

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Yes. CFX does polyphonic bgn files (drag, lock etc…)