Case longer true?

I guess I missed seeing an update somewhere, but I just confirmed that
config file and prop file names are not generating errors if case is different.
SABER_SA22C_BUTTONS or saber_sa22c_buttons.h both work fine as does
default_proffieboard_config.h or DeFaUlT_PrOfFiEbOaRd_COnfIG.h

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FAT does not supports case sensitivity. If you are using a PC that could be it.

Thanks, but I’m referring to the compiler, not the storage medium.
I’m pretty sure in the past if the line in ProffieOS.ino was
define# CONFIG_FILE "config/mysaber_Config.h"
but the file name was actually mysaber_config.h
it would give an error.

Yeah I think this was fixed in a previous release. I still use cases as a habit thought!

Case sensitivity is a property of the OS and file system, not the compiler.
The compiler just takes the name you specify and tries to open it.
AFAIK, Windows is never case sensitive, on Mac & Linux it depends on the file system. Most unix file systems are case sensitive, so Mac and Linux are usually case sensetive.

Since we don’t know what kind of file system the user will have, all files distributed with ProffieOS must have the same case as corresponding includes. Also, it is not allowed to have two files which have the same file name except for the case, even if that is possible on some systems.