Can't flash my board

Was flashing my config with some edited blade styles and the core fell off my desk mid-flash and disconnected from the cable. now I can’t get it to flash again at all. It will detect and show up in Arduino but it won’t flash at all.

Got it to work after restarting my pc and actually managing to hit the boot and reset buttons on my board.

When you are failing to flash without hitting the reset button, are you choosing the drop down and then changing the source to usb? At least for me, proffie always defaults to Bluetooth in arduino. If it’s connected, you should see some activity in the serial output.

I only ask because I spent a lot of time failing cause even after flashing it would switch to Bluetooth sometimes. But once I realized the issue, I haven’t had a problem since.

I don’t know what exactly the reset button does. But based on the behaviors I’ve noticed it seems to be more or less a quick power cut or maybe it just calls “reset” but at least from what I noticed both just making it re-initialize the board. It’s not like reset on a mechanical keyboard where you gotta do it to enter DFU mode.

Just something worth checking, cause as the big man said, the button will fail, so you should be careful as it would be a bummer to need to replace a proffie over a button. I’m still emo I fried a mosfet on one of mine lol.

Do you mean under Tools>Port?
I typically see it always have the board selected with repeated connects/disconnects. When I switch boards, there is NO port selected and the Proffieboard needs to be chosen, until the next different board connects.

The RESET button is exactly that, a power cut.
The key to booting in DFU mode is to have power applied to the board while the BOOT button is depressed. So releasing RESET does just that.