Canon Blade-Styles & Colors (Request & Info)

Hey, guys!
So I’m not entirely sure if this is the correct area to post this in… I’ve only just joined up to The Crucible about an hour or so ago. But basically, I’ve got a ProffieOS saber (running ProffieOS v7.14) updated through Arduino and I’m actually looking for some canon style blades and their respective colors (the codes, ideally) so I can add them to my NEWLY built config.

I don’t have any experience with designing my own, unfortunately… So I wondered if you guys knew of anywhere or anyone that does them? I actually have around 16 Sound Fonts on my Proffie saber (Anakin Ep.III) and so these are the ones I’m looking for:

  1. Anakin Skywalker (Episode 3)
  2. Anakin Skywalker (The Clone Wars)
  3. Anakin Skywalker (Episode 2)
  4. Anakin Skywalker (“Tusken Terminator”) (which is actually a different blue than his regular Episode 2 blade)
  5. Qui-Gon Jinn
  6. Mace Windu (Episode 2)
  7. Count Dooku (Episode 2)
  8. Mace Windu (Episode 3)
  9. Obi-Wan (Episode 3)
  10. Darth Sidious / Chancellor Palpatine (Episode 3)
  11. Cal Kestis (JEDI: Fallen Order / JEDI: Survivor)
  12. Luke Skywalker (A New Hope)
  13. Luke Skywalker (A New Hope (Training)
  14. Darth Vader (Rogue One)
  15. Luke Skywalker (Episode V)
  16. Luke Skywalker (Episode VI)

If any of you guys here have any info or could direct me to the right place, it’d be greatly appreciated.


There’s plenty of bladestyles available. Fett263’s library is really popular. If you’re looking to get into the finer details as far as specific color ways etc @NitTheGrit has done most, if not all of those and has also recently redone “The Classics”. He can reply with the specific links to the bladestyles.

*Both have YouTube Channels covering teaser videos also.

Here’s the links:

Fett263 YouTube
TheDarkJedi aka NitTheGrit YouTube

As noted, I have styles for all of the above, most of the films have a Rotoscope type effect with subtle variations in speed and movement so I’ve broken out by Prequel, OT and Sequel. I also have the Hyper Responsive versions which alter the effect as you move the blade.

For Cal Kestis I made varying styles by game, listed in the canon section as well.

For colors, there aren’t specific canon colors- I recommend going with your eye. Color perception will vary wildly, one person’s Obi-Wan blue code looks nothing like the film to another user both because of differences in the physical blade; leds, diffusion, blade material, battery level. But more importantly environment; other light sources, brightness of the environment as well as differences in how you’re looking at the blade to compare the color; with your eyes vs. taking a picture, etc.

My advise is to choose a starting color, like Red, Blue, Green, Gold, etc. Then use Color Editing with ColorZoom to dial the color to the perfect color for your eyes, on your saber. If you ask 10 users the perfect color for any character they will give you 30+ answers, even those who try to color match a specific scene to get an RGB code (I know I’ve tried myself), it never translates the same to the physical blade. Every user will change their opinion when they watch a different scene or ignite their saber in a different room at a different time of day, it becomes a wild goose chase, so just go with what your eyes tell you the right color is. :wink:

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The issue with colours is that even from scene to scene, it’s not consistent. I tend to just use dodgerblue for PT blue blades, cyan for ANH, deepskyblue for ESB, and dodgerblue for sequels.

Yeah, I didn’t actually want to “design” the bladestyle, myself. I’m actually looking for the “pre-made” codes, if you will. If anybody’s got a Pastebin account or something along those lines where the codes are already made and just need to be copied and pasted into the config.

I know that Nate “NitTheGrit” (YouTube: TheDarkJedi) has one. I actually have his Pastebin saved as a favorite/bookmark and I’ve actually been working with him (sort of) on his recent Canon bladestyles. The only thing I’m finding, is that they’ve not quite come out on my saber how I’d hope they would. Whether that’s down to the differing/custom hardware or what. There’s a few I have used from his codes that are actually really good! But a few others I feel could do with some work.

So I’m kind of trying to keep my options open, in case there’s anybody else that might’ve done the same; y’know… Have a Pastebin or something similar where they’ve saved and posted all their bladestyles up somewhere, for people to publicly use.

Movie-accurate ignition
On a slightly different note, I have found that the movie accurate ignition and power-down speeds for most of the characters (minus Darth Vader) is 185. This was something I worked on, myself.

Fett263’s library as well as Nate’s Pastebin both have that.

As far as the other thing well…*Science like Fett263 says. We “see” colors different. :wink:

Just have fun w it.

Well, I did actually do a whole bunch of screenshots in 4K quality (1080p, at the very least) of all the sabers and their colors listed above. Then I ran them through an editing program (like Paint.Net) and used the “Color Selector” tool to pick out the color of the glow around the blade. I even noted down (in Notepad) all the RGB values to go along with them.

I tested those out in the Style Editor ([Style Editor]) and they actually looked something.
The blade color/glow looked just how it did in the screenshots I’d taken and I was initially and originally going to go with that, until Fett263 told me in an email that it wouldn’t work. I tried putting some of the RGB values I had from the different Color Selectors and in the “Preview Screen” on Fett263’s site, they seemed to look “washed out”. So I don’t know why one Style Editor was showing them correctly and the other… wasn’t.

That was when I’d tried doing some searching on YouTube to see if anybody had done their own bladestyles and/or had a library of what they’d done, for public use… Enter “TheDarkJedi” on YouTube… And that’s where I’d got his Pastebin link from. But I think he uses a lot of custom hardware and such for his sabers, whereas mine is Anakin’s Ep.III saber (Proffie 2.2) (w. Hard Case) from SabersPro.

You realize RGB generation on a computer or even a paint store is a close but never accurate thing right? It’s why pro-paint shops add in the clause you can have your tint mildly customized. Just figure out what values you need versus what Fernando and Nate (for that matter what any of us) use. Even I still go off their stuff for some of my colors just for the “best-known” base values.

Use what is out there and fix it. It’s not hard to edit the line values. You’re already in there to cut and paste stuff in. There’s even a color value list somewhere in the OS you can reference.

You’ll need to do a color space conversion.
ProffieOS doesn’t use sRGB (which is likely what you monitor uses) or rec709 (which is what TVs use). ProffieOS uses linear colors.

sRGB has a curve that is close to gamma 2.2, to convert that to linear, you would do:

ProffieOSColor = (\frac{sRGBColor}{255}^{2.2}) * 255

Or, if you use Rgb16<>:

ProffieOSColor = (\frac{sRGBColor}{255}^{2.2}) * 65535

This means that a color like “hot pink” (255,105,180) converts to Rgb16<65535,9304,30457> in ProffieOS.

This isn’t the whole story about color conversion though, but it should get you pretty close, and getting closer is more or less a manual anyways.

The color picker in the style editor can also do this conversion for you, but I don’t think it shows RGB values on all operating systems, so it may or may not be helpful to you.


Thanks Prof, I couldn’t remember the specific bit. “Color Space Conversion”, that’s it. :smiley: