Can you use the proffieboard V1.0.0 configuration for Arduino on a V2.2.0 board?

I’m trying to use my Raspberry Pi to configure the board because it is the only thing I own with an sd card reader. However, in Arduino when I try to install the configurations for V2.2 in the board manager. It says it is not compatible with my OS but I can install the configurations for V1.0.0. Will this fry my board because of the different settings? I am going to be using a miro-usb to make changes.

First of all; there is no way to fry or permanently brick a board by using the wrong software or drivers. At worst, you will temporarily brick the board until you can get it into bootloader mode and flash the board again.

Second; You can use the Proffieboard itself as an SD card reader. It’s slow, but it works.

Third; you seem to be conflating the version of the arduino-proffieboard plugin with the version of the proffieboard. Version 2.2.0 of the arduino-proffieboard is not specifically for the V2.2 proffieboard. Generally speaking, you should always use the latest stable version of the arduino-proffieboard plugin, which is 3.6 or 3.6.0 (It shows up differently in different versions of Arduino)

So, to sum it up: You are welcome to try using V1.0.0 on an raspberry pi to program your proffieboard, but it’s not a supported configuration, and I don’t have any idea of whether it will work or not. It will not fry your board though.

Another way to do it would be to use a Windows/Mac machine to do all the programming and SD card preparation. Then you could copy the files that need to go on the SD card to the raspberry pi and then copy it to the SD card from there. There is no need for the arduino installation, and the SD card writing to actually happen on the same computer. They need to match, but they don’t actually interact with each other until the SD card is back in the proffieboard.

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