Can we have links open in a new window/tab by default?

I notice that links such as will open in the current tab, which takes you away from the thread if you’re trying to help someone. Is there a way for the forum to default to opening in a new tab?

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Open with the middle mouse button?

I actually don’t like it when sites open things in new windows by default.
Since it’s really easy to do it yourself (middle-click), I generally like having that control myself.
That said, I do sometimes feel surprised by this, since I’ve gotten used to you gmail handles it.

I’d imagine most people don’t have a middle mouse button. Or a mouse. I can CMD+click, but that’s more work.

I keep forgetting that we reverted back to the stone age in mouse technology…

So it turns out that discourse has a setting for this, so I went to go turn it on (I figure I can always turn it off again if it annoys me.)

However, it would seem that this setting is already on?

Aha! It’s a user setting.
Click on your icon (top right) → profile (bottom square on the right) → preferences → interface tab

You’ll find a setting called “Open all external links in a new tab”


Thanks! Not sure how to park this as solution.

Also, the site seems to be slowing down for me again, but that cold be my end.

It’s getting slow for me too.
I should do some upgrades and restarts this weekend.

@astromech Thanks for posting this topic. Off to change my settings.

Ok, The Crucible has been rebooted, upgraded, washed, pressed, starched, and I added racing stripes for extra speed. Hopefully it’s back to being fast now.

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Ludicrous speed!

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