Can I plug the proffie 2.2 board on the PC to flash it without taking the battery out?

The question is in the title, but basically, the guy who sold it to me said it’s fine, but i’m kinda scared

I always take the battery out when adding fonts or bladeStyles, but it’s a little time consuming + I don’t wanna ruin the baterry or the plug by taking it off every once in a while. I added some pics of the board if it helps

also, the board is charged via a USB C cable

Basically the answer is yes.

Caveat: If you have a USB-C connector, you probably have some sort of charging board in your saber that I don’t know anything about. It’s possible that the charging board is doing something weird and unsafe, but it really shouldn’t.

From the perspective of the proffieboard itself, having battery and USB power at the same time is absolutely fine, and they have diodes that prevents them from back-powering each other.


The saber charges via the usbc connected to my PC, I don’t see why the micro USB of the board could cause any damage, but I’ve been asking around just to make sure, there is a lot of miss information about this out there, hopefully this post can help others in the same situation.
Thank you for your awnser man, appreciate it