Caiwyn's Lightsaber Controls

I put together a video demonstration of my prop file. Please have a look if you’re so inclined, and let me know what you think. The first part is a brief description of the prop file and its purpose, but you can skip ahead to 03:00 to get to the actual demonstration.


The video doesn’t show up.
Is it private? not done processing? Or is it the html that’s not working somehow?

I think it’s the html. I used the “Insert Video” button but it doesn’t want to show up embedded in the post.

I think if you just put the youtube URL on a line by itself, it works I think?

That seems to just create a link rather than an embedded video.

Edit: Oh, if you do it in the original post, it works. Thanks!

I might not use this prop (I’m too into gesture controls) but the term ‘in character effects’ is something I think the community should adopt.

Excellent video!

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