CAD-Files of electronic components for chassis design


I was wondering if there is somewhere a source for CAD files of electrical components relevant to chassis design, such as speakers, ShtokCustomWorx connectors, battery contacts, etc?
I could always draw my own models or placeholders, but finished models would probably be more accurate and faster.


For mass-produced components (like battery contacts), it is often possible to find 3d models on mouser or digikey, or possibly even inside of cad programs, like kicad. For components where that doesn’t work, sharing between makers is the best source. I don’t know if there is a good place for finding lightsaber-related models in particular though. I suppose we could create a thread or sub-forum for it here. It should work fairly well since we have stl model previews in the forum.

Merry Christmas!



Thanks a lot for all the files!

This also sounds like a very nice idea. I guess I’m not the only one looking for such files.

Sorry, but I’ve opened the Shtock Speaker PCB Type 1 and the PCB has the wrong dimensions. It uses an 8.8mm diameter with 1.6mm PCB thickness when it’s 10mm and 0.8mm. I haven’t checked the rest of the items. The problem with that particular STEP file, is that I can’t separate the pins from the PCB, which obviously go into different parts. But I’m worried about the dimensions.

I’ve updated that PCB and also split the two components out into separate files if that helps you. Although you should be able to separate the components in the step file, but I’ve gone ahead and done it for you and anyone else that needs it down the line.

I likely measured one I had sanded the edges down a bit on when I did this way back, almost two years ago now.

I haven’t noticed any other discrepancies but if you do feel free to let me know as I’m happy to update the package for people.


I took a gander at those files and I’m delighted by them! But I couldn’t find one for the blade side npxl board with LEDs… am I blind or is it really not there? Anyone got a model of it?