Cable management trick (for your desk)

So I have roughly 10^43 cables on my desk, and nearly as many underneath, and since I got an adjustable desk, I’ve been feeling the need to try to attach as much of the cables as possible so that they don’t hang down and look ugly.

My desk came with a bunch of stick-on zip-tie holders. However, they just don’t want to stick to the bottom of my desk for very long, so I wanted a better solution.

I’ve spent hours combing through all the junk they have on amazon, but what I actually ended up using is this:

These are meant as wall decorations, but with four screws they fit snugly under the desk, and because the grid itself is slightly offset from the frame, it’s really easy to pull a reusable zip-tie around any wire in the grid. The only drawback is that they are a bit large, so they don’t fit in some spots under my desk. (Because the legs and other things already mounted under my desk get in the way.)

There are a ton of these sort of grid things on amazon, and most of them are cheap. If this trick works for you, enjoy.


Thanks for sharing. I also have a sit/stand desk and no shield on the front side of the desk. I shift between sit and stand frequently and it’s a visible mess under there. I was considering like a cargo net or something to affix to the underside of the desk, but this looks like you came up with a pretty ideal solution.
I do believe I will follow suit!
Dig it.