Buttons config question - how to trigger off button event and clash?

I’m trying to write a modified buttons config to work with Saber Merchant’s new bridger-style switches, but I’m having trouble with two event types:

button hold + clash to start lockup: This eventid doesn’t work, but you can see what I’m trying to do:

        if (!SaberBase::Lockup()) {
          if (pointing_down_) {
          } else {
          swing_blast_ = false;
          return true;

Multiple button presses, like a hold of any length and a click - the switch has a primary button, a left, and a right click, setup as power, aux, aux2. I want to have a trigger for moving the switch over to one of the aux positions and then clicking power, but for whatever reason everything i try seems to fail.


EVENT_CLASH cannot be used as a mode.
(because there is no way to “hold” a clash)

This is how you do a hold-button-plus-clash EVENTID:

I figured it out, thank you! I also got the two buttons working, it turns out the secondary click wasn’t physically going through mechanically unless you held it just so.