Button only turns saber on and off after uploading new config

I have uploaded a new config to my saber once before with no issues but today I added 2 new soundfonts to my saber and now my button will only turn my saber on and off I can only turn it on and off and nothing else I have tried other configs and the problem persists

We need a lot more information to be able to help.

Please post your config file.
What does the serial monitor say?
What version of ProffieOS are you using?
What does the “version” command say if you run it in the serial monitor?

Kolby_saber_config1.h (41.9 KB)
Serial monitor says my version is v7.13
I’m using Proffie OS version 7.13

what exactly should i look for in serial monitor, what it says when i turn my saber off and on or something else?

Your config file doesn’t have a prop section, which means it’s using the standard saber prop. Is that what you intended?

no its not what i intended how can i fix that ad are props a new addition because I’ve never heard of them?

No, prop files were added in ProffieOS 2.x…

that fixed my problem thank you so much