Button accent led help?

Hey guys, got my first proffie board the other day and have been learning to program it myself.
I’m running a 1 button set up working off the sac22 prop file.

Looking to program a single momentary button accent led to blink when activated as if a xenopixel would. Atm its just constantly on.

What I’m looking for:

  • pulse when charging (w/ audio prompt included)
  • blink in seconds (w/ audio prompts for colour change/mute/battle mode etc.)
  • possibly shut off for “deep sleep”

I’m interested because I switched out my xenopixel v2 core for a proffie v2.2 without changing anything else.

  • Also should I run a resistor in for the accent led like suggested in the wiring manual or is there one inbuilt from the “charging/button board” that came with my xenopixel?

cheers fellas

Unfortunately I have absolutely no clue how xenpixels work, so “like a xenopixel” doesn’t mean anything to me.

In general, V2 Proffieboards don’t know if the saber is charging or not. Depending on how it’s wired, the board might be off while charging, or there may be no easy way to know if it’s charging or not. It’s not hard to add a wire to tell the Proffieboard that it’s charging, but it’s not standard functionality.

I don’t know what “blink in seconds” mean.

Proffieboards has no “deep sleep”, but you can set an idle off time which turns off all blades and draws very little power.

ahh ok, thankyou for trying.

if I were to hold the momentary button down for 1 sec/2sec etc. on the xeno, the accent led would blink accordingly after each second has elapsed. I thought this would be kinda helpful with the proffie for ‘visually’ mapping the functionality. I suppose with the xeno, this helped add in a few extra functions with the constraints of running only 1 button.

  • lets say, via holding the button for different periods of time and being able to see when specifically 4 seconds or similar has elapsed, I can know precisely when to release the button in order to achieve a specific function. (in saying this, fett263 has done a great job with the single button prop)

  • with the charging I’d just assumed that I’d missed a step, but if it doesn’t recognise when it’s charging, that’s one less thing I have to figure out.

  • no deep sleep, thats cool too. What about a way to shut off the assent led. I read that people are using kill switches, but what if there was a way to turn off light to the accent led after, lets say, a 5 sec hold of the button in ‘off mode’ ?

I really appreciate the help

Interesting. That could be a useful feature. Current ProffieOS setups don’t generally rely on that since not all sabers have light-up buttons. ProffieOS still has short, medium and long clicks, but also uses double/triple/quadrouple clicks to access some functions. How the buttons are mapped depends on the prop, and some of the available props have good one-button mappings.

Making a button for going into ‘standby’ mode would be doable, bit I don’t think any of the existing props have that functionality already, I think they just rely on the idle timeout to turn off anything that’s still on after a while.

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I’ll keep an eye out for updates. Don’t know my way around coding enough yet to attempt my own.

This is the code I found in the config file of my xeno sd card.
if I incorporate this into my proffie config would it work?
or would it need further info to work?

#Power on and power off time(ms)
#preon time(ms)
#Preoff replace in sound number 1,2,3(Three preoff blade style)

No, they use different code.

Worth a shot, Cheers