Burnt component (DMP2075UFDB-7 perhaps?)

Hi! A friend of mine was installing a proffie and didn’t checked his soldering and got a short. A visual inspection shows that this component has burnt:

I loaded up the Ki CAD files, but I just didn’t found the correct code. From layout I assume it is the DMP2075UFDB-7 MOSFET. If so, could I desolder and solder it back? Because it seems so have dual pads on the bottom that I don’t know how to solder back. I will send it to a proffessional, but I want to know if it is the correct component and can be done by hand.

Thanks in advance.

That is the right component. It’s not all that difficult to replace if you have a hot-air soldering station, some solder paste and tweezers. Doing it with a soldering iron would be difficult.