Boot and reset buttons not working

I just received my second proffieboard in the mail today and when I went to reinstall the driver to the board I found that that boot and reset buttons do not work. Is there a way around this?

While you shouldn’t need the buttons if you’ve already set up your computer to talk to another Proffieboard, it’s still not ideal to have non-functioning buttons “just in case”.
If it were me, I’d remove the boot button if it really is broken, and wire a small momentary switch directly to the leads on the board. Then, holding the switch while applying power and then releasing it will induce bootloader mode.

Are you sure you are actually pushing the buttons? They can be difficult to push with your fingers.
And you know to hold BOOT while pushing and releasing RESET, right?

The key is to release RESET while still holding BOOT. You need to allow power to hit the board while the BOOT button is pressed down. Then release BOOT after a moment.

is there any other way to send power to the boot and reset pins?

So the reset button is easy.
There is a pad, and if you short it to GND, it will reset the board.
Also, you can just remove power and plug power back in again (while holding BOOT).

The BOOT button is trickier, there is no extra pad for it, and it’s active high, so if you wanted to “short” it to something, you would need to connect it to the 3.3v pad.

Thank You! I got it to work!

What ended up working for you?

The Boot button was working but the reset button was the one giving me the problems. I had to short to GND and it reset just like you said!