Board v2.2 vs v3.9

I have 2 hilts I would like to make custom chassis to install proffie boards into.

One is a single button hilt, and the other is a two button hilt. Nothing fancy on either, just removable bare bone eco style chassis with one blade connector.

I already have a v2.2 board to use in one, and I need to buy a new board for the other. Does it matter which I use for which? Since I am using the minimal amount of pins, should I just buy another v2.2 board to save a bit of money? Or is v3.9 better?

The 3.9 has more onboard memory, so if you have a lot of presets that could be a benefit. Also it has onboard charging, so if you want to charge through the USB port you can.

But in general a 2.2 is prob fine :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you!

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