Board only reading 1.9v

So you believe it’s the booster most likely causing the problem, and it may be a bad solder connection? I’ll have to go over it when I get back to my soldering station tomorrow. Hoping this fixes my problem. What areas do you recommend I go over and re-solder? I’m not sure where the booster is but I have a feeling it’s probably that one that needs a better connection.

It sort of fits the description, but of course there is a high degree of uncertainty. It could be almost anything. If it was me, I would hit the board with a hot-air station and re-melt all the everything, but if you don’t have a hot air-station, then just do anything that looks easy.

The most suspect things would be L1 and the big capacitors, so maybe try those first?

After trying (and failing) with just my soldering iron, I decided to try to recreate the effect of heating the pad and having it fix itself. I heated the 5v pad and it started sounding great again, then stopped. Heated it again, now it sounds good again. Currently sounding fine.

5v pad is only reading 4v. That may be due to the 3.7v return though, so maybe it’s currently running normal? I’m getting random clashes that I wasn’t getting before but maybe my volume is too high and it’s triggering clashes.

This is so bizzare

I’m replacing the battery for one that can actually withstand neopixel amperage, maybe that’ll do something I’m not really sure lol

Weak batteries can cause lots of weird stuff.
Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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