Board Not Accepting New Sound Fonts Please help


I have recently got my first proffie saber. I have been able to put 4 fonts on it, but I am now encountering an issue. I am trying to add a kylo font to it, but for whatever reason it is not accepting it. What I mean by this is when I try to select the font, it’s like it doesn’t even exist on the sd card. It just skips it over entirely and goes to the next font in the list. When plugged into the serial monitor, it also skips it as if the font isn’t on the sd card or have any configuration file for it. I have made a configuration file and use the exact formatting the fonts that work on it use, and as for blade style, I use Fett263’s OS6 library. I have validated through Arduino that the config file is formatted correctly, confirmed sound files are the right hertz and mono settings, and Arduino uploads the config file successfully. But for whatever reason that I cannot figure out, it just doesn’t seem to want to detect the new line in the config file or on the sd card for the new font. I don’t know why this is happening especially since this has worked for the other soundfonts in the config file. So I would like some assistance from someone who is willing to maybe troubleshoot why this is happening. Below is a link so you can see both the font folder and config file I am using. Any advice or help is appreciated!

It’s because you have #define KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING active in your config.

" … the saber will continue to use any previous values that exist in the .ini files. This means that if you’re trying to make changes or adjustments via uploading changes to the config those changes may not actually appear on your saber after the upload"

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Looks like that is what was the issue. It accepted the new font. Thanks very much for your help! While we are at it, Where is the best resource to know how to add on board volume controls? It use to do it, but now it is gone and I would like to know how to add it back so I can adjust the volume on the saber without the need of plugging it into my computer. Thanks.

You need to set your config up correctly to work with my prop, you’re missing the “;common” folder in your presets which is required. Once you set up correctly review the controls.
Set up instructions and controls are listed at the top of the prop.h file or here:

When you say the “;common” is missing in my presets, would you mind elaborating a bit? Is that a line of code that needs to go in my config, or a folder that needs to go into Proffie OS folder? Just so I know exactly what you are talking about. Thank you sir.

Read all of the Set Up Instructions on the page I linked above. It’s all covered, when using my prop you need to set up Voice Prompts on the SD and in your config and other features.

Ok, I will do so. Thank you for your help.