Board is not working right after connected to the computer

I just received my first saber last Tuesday. I’ve built my config and preset, added some fonts and flashed it. Everything was fine.

Last night, I connected the board to computer by micro-USB as usual, and the board just make a short noise. Usually it makes a whole sentence with a LED glowing when I plugged the USB in. Then, I found that my computer didn’t show a notification that the board was connected. When I plugged it again, the chassis didin’t show any voice or LED glowing. I am very sure the kill switch was turned off when I plugged in to the port. It was the first time I touched the saber last night. But now I find that there’s no voice when I plug a USB into the port, turn on the switch on or click the power button after putting the chassis in. I also used another battery and still nothing happed. What should I do?

I have tried the boot+reset or just reset when plugging in several times, but not detected by Arduino nor a connected notification showing up.
I gave it a try to turn the switch on with a battery in and found that the port being hot quickly, not knowing why. There’s no cable plugged in this process.

Forgot to mention that my ProffieOS is 7.13, with a Proffie Board V2.2. I have contact with the seller but still hope to find out what is going on quickly. I don’t even play it a week. :cry:

This doesn’t matter.
It should be safe to plug in with or without the kill switch turned off.

I don’t know what happened, but it really sounds like something in your saber shorted and got damaged. Things are not supposed to get hot, and when they do it’s either because of a short, or because come component has melted on the inside. Both are problems which the seller should fix.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep discussing this with the seller.

Last friday, afterI played it for 30 minutes, I found there was some smell directly from it. The chassis was just warm not hot, so I thought it should be okay, and it could be turned on on Saturday. That’s really weird.

The LEDs and the battery can warm up, and that is normal. Nothing else should get warm/hot though.