Board having static speaker and lights going solid

Has anyone ever experienced this? So what happens is the audio starts to get staticky, eventually cuts out entirely and then the neopixel connector goes to a solid color, without the blade effects.

Proffieboard v2.2 with “tesku” stamping

Npxl v3

2 switch setup (tactile switches)

Removable battery with high amp killswitch

Volume is set at 1700 with a 28mm 4ohm 3watt speaker.

I’ve already replaced every single component all the way down to the battery tabs. Tried 3 different batteries and they’re all fully charged. The only thing that I haven’t switched out is the board.

Tried five different SD cards all reformatted with all different fonts. Have tried 3 different configs that have worked in other builds.

This one is really stumping me. This build was working all day yesterday, and now out of nowhere this is what I get. Roughly about 2 minutes into the hum is typically when it starts to kick in, static in the speaker first, then just a solid color, sometimes the audio cuts out completely, sometimes it just keeps going.

Kind of seems like an SD card problem.
Try a different SD card?

Tried 3 of them

***tried 5 of them

@Matt_Katschor Who makes these TESKU boards? I’m working on one now with audio issues…

I’m not sure who TESKU are.
Afaik, only LGT makes boards branded for other people though.

TXQ Saber. Alibaba vendor.

Does anything get hot on this board?

Also, what does sdtest say about your sd cards?