Board hardware config; Npxl blade/w RGB crys & shok Npxl bubbl strp acc

Trying to put together a roman props MK1 with neopixel blade, RGB crystal and shtok bubble clamp strip accent. The configurator doesn’t like it and is giving me a big red X but I still get a config file. Does the big red X just mean ‘not recommended’ but will still technically work? I’m confused by the big red X… Just seeing if the data for the shtok strip will still work as a second blade with the RGB crystal and npixel blade?

The red X means that some of your selections are trying to use the same pad on the board.
That means that the configuration is not valid either. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, it just means that the configuration generator is unable to do it.

Try using a PL9823 crystal chamber instead of the rgb crystal chamber that should make your configuration work the way that you want

Would using the +5V board supply for the shtok 7 seg npixel V+ retain the config file as long as I use the Data 2? I’ve been trying to find the voltage spec for the shtok but it’s pretty light on documentation.

No, V+ should go to the battery plus.

Right, apologies, I was thinking the inverse. Could Npixel Negative to board neg? and of course pos to batt V, but configurator shows neg going to LED 4 already populated by RGB. What’s interesting is that LED 1 is not populated at all, couldn’t the npixel neg go to LED1 if not board neg?

Yes it should, but the V2 configurato is not smart enough to do that.
The V3 configurator is… :slight_smile:

Right on Fredrik, much appreciation, your the man. Thanks for everything you do and all your help. Have a great one. I owe you a brew!

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