After doing a NeoPixel install I wanted to do a “simple” tricree install. I have an illuminated power switch (red), put two 56R in series, but only 1/4W. Connected the TriCree to LED1/2/3 and the switch to LED 6 (and battery positive). Started the board without connecting the switches and everything seemed fine. Installed the chassis, soldered the buttons, started it, and the board started smoking and failed. I cut the switch LED assuming that the resistors were too small, but still smoked. Once I could inspect it further, I found one of the MOSFET blown out. I’m assuming that somehow the solder on LED2 migrated to the MOSFET and short circuit it.

I don’t know if those MOSFET are available. My question is really if I can take that MOSFET out, clear the solder and move the LEDs to 4/5 and still use the board. And if I should check for any other short. Thanks

You can move the LEDS to 4/5 and move on. There are extra fets for this exact reason
Always find the short first tho so you dont cook more fets

Which line does that MOSFET feeds?

Blew number two. But the solder on LED two doesn’t look like it’s bleeding onto the contacts of the MOSFET. The pins are facing East and West your solder blob is on the north.
Also, don’t forget to remove your SD card when soldering.

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The FETs usually have a small metal part on the side that can cause shorts as well.

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Here’s a picture that shows the little metal bits on the side of the FETs.

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