BLE + Wifi?

So I was creeping around on the internet, as usual, when suddenly I came across this:

This small little board is quite similar to the boards we’ve been using to make BLE work with Proffieboards for a while, but with some interesting differences:

  1. Supports BLE, BT, Wifi and Zigbee
  2. Costs $2
  3. Open Source Hardware
  4. Risc-V (open source processor)
  5. Looks easy to program to do whatever we want

I bought a handful to see what I can do with them.

I’m thinking that the following features might be interesting:

  • BLE passwords
  • serving the workbench directly over wifi
  • some sort of remote audio (the ideal setup would be to take SPI or S-PDIF input, apt-x-encode it and send it to any APT-X capable speaker…)
  • relay clash and motion information to a remote computer (and make that computer do something with it?)
  • integration with various home automation frameworks for “lamp mode”
  • SD card access (ftp? samba? tftp?)

Of course, the usefulness of these things all depends on how good the connection is… :slight_smile:


I’m sure I asked this awhile ago. good find, it’s definitely worth looking into especially as it’s Open-sourced.