Blaster Style Question

I’m doing a DL-44 build and I’m getting close to complete but I’m confused a bit on the format for the Blaster style. I’m using this:

{ “Han”, “tracks/venus.wav”,

It works. However, I also want a second style with the same config but using blaster sounds from Optimus Prime. I tried and the EFFECT_FIRE doesn’t quite line up with the sound. I’m not sure what in the style changes the time so I can adjust it. Also, the style loads with EFFECT_STUN as default. How do I change it to have EFFECT_FIRE at start? Lastly, I will only have a sound for EFFECT_FIRE in the Optimus style. How do I delete the EFFECT_STUN? I’m just confused on pulling it out and not messing up the nesting.

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You can change which mode it starts with here:

Note that there is currently no easy way to have one preset with a stun mode and another one without stun mode. However, it would be fairly simple to modify the prop file such that stun mode is disabled if no “stun” effect exists in the font.

The style does not actually change if a stun mode exists or not. It just reacts to it.

Thanks! If I increase the 250 in front of EFFECT_FIRE will that lengthen the blast effect?

yes, it will.

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Done! Thanks for all the help.


Looks great, I’m jealous!
So what were you saying about the mode, and the on.bmp? What are you looking to have it do exactly?

I think he wanted the graphic to change based on the stun, kill, and Auto but could only set it based on the on event.

I just wanted a definitive way to turn on the animation besides changing the style. If I double press the mode button it changes styles and the animation comes on. I was looking for a way to start the animation in the default Han style I have.

The question is, when do you want to see the battery meter?

I would prefer to see the animation at boot and have a way to switch to voltage

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Finishing up the build with a wall mount and serial plate.


what’s the Sertal?

Serial number


That’s awesome! I have not seen a mount like that before.

Thanks. I was going after the look of some of the signs at Galaxy’s Edge.

Ahh! Never been. Definitely on the bucket list though.

any chance you could post your config for this please

Sure, here you go:

#include "proffieboard_v2_config.h"
#define NUM_BLADES 1
#define NUM_BUTTONS 2
#define VOLUME 5000
const unsigned int maxLedsPerStrip = 144;
#define ENABLE_WS2811
#define ENABLE_SD

#define INCLUDE_SSD1306 to CONFIG_TOP 

#include "../props/blaster.h"

Preset presets[] = {
 { "Han", "tracks/venus.wav",
 { "Optimus", "tracks/venus.wav",

BladeConfig blades[] = {
 { 0, WS281XBladePtr<1, bladePin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3> >(), CONFIGARRAY(presets) },

Button FireButton(BUTTON_FIRE, powerButtonPin, "fire");
Button ModeButton(BUTTON_MODE_SELECT, auxPin, "modeselect");
SSD1306Template<128, uint64_t> display(0x3C);

What’s this?