Blaster build

I have recently build a blaster core v5 . It turned out great. How ever I heard of using Proffieboard. I happen to have quite a few v 2.2 boards available. I plan on using red, red , blue tricree for the blaster LEDs. Also two buttons so I can activate music and change fonts. I am not sure how to wire it. I am mostly a saber guy. Help would be appreciated my friends. :call_me_hand:

You would wire it exactly the same as a saber.
The only difference would be in the config file, and in the SD card setup.

Gotcha much appreciated :+1:

I’m in the same situation, trying to get a blaster working. Would a simple blue LED work? I don’t really need another color anyway, but I’m wondering since the config file include a blade style

Short answer; yes

Longer answer;

Normally you specify what color LED you have in the blades[] array, but the board doesn’t really know, so you can lie to it if you like. If you have a green blade style, and you don’t want to change it to blue, you can just tell the board you have a green LED. There are also some forward-voltage calculations in there, but they can be fudged too by making your own LED struct.

More info here:

Ok thanks. Definitely gonna try this out