Blast and out sometimes triggering clash

Couldn’t find mention of exactly this when searching, but sorry if it’s been asked and answered before.

Occasionally a single blast aux push will trigger what looks to be a clash (light and sound) after the blast light and sound has finished. Sometimes it’s a single blast/clash combo, but sometimes multiple clashes lasting several seconds seeming like they bounce off each other and trigger another one. Saber can be perfectly still resting on a pillow with a light aux button push. For example, I could do 5 clean blasts then the 6th one is a multiple. Then clean blasts again.

Occasionally an ‘out’ will trigger one clash immediately after ‘out’ finishes. Sound and flash. Retract, ignite, and it’s a clean ignition. Try again and I might get a single blast.

It’s intermittent and usually doesn’t happen, also not isolated to one font which is more frustrating. Some of the fonts I made with the style library, others are designed by others. When it happens, it seems to happen to more than one font. I put it down, come back later, and it’s working as intended.

and no wild values in config.ini if the font has one.

SD issue? I have formatted, etc. And haven’t edited anything other than config.

Try lowering your volume or move to OS7 and use AUDIO_CLASH_SUPRESSION_LEVEL define. Your speaker is most likely causing vibrations that trigger the clash.

Oooh interesting!

I’m gonna give OS7 a spin for kicks with stated define. If it gets complicated, volume down it is👍

I had similar issues and switching to OS7 solved without even having to use that new define.

I thought I read somewhere that OS7 clash detection was updated, so I am thinking that’s what corrected it.

Clash Detection was updated AND the AUDIO_CLASH_SUPRESSION_LEVEL defaults to 10 in OS7 so its automatically preset with or without the define but if you need to increase you can using the define.

OS7 loaded with the soundfonts in question and tested while watching ANH last night. I added the define, but will remove and retest. So far all good :sunglasses: