BladeStyles in the SD Card?

If ProffieOS can read from the SD card all the sound fonts and apply them in real time, I’m curious as to the technical reasons why ProffieOS won’t read blade styles and other stuff from the SD card? I’m still new to all this and trying to learn.

It may be possible, but it’s not easy. There are two potential hurdles:

  1. speed
  2. memory

Without going into too much technical detail, it basically boils down to the fact that the compiler is able to make our style code run much faster because all the code is known at compile time. The style code will run much slower if everything was determined at run time instead of at compile time.

The other problem is that the style code takes up a lot of program space. If we’re going to load things dynamically, then every style class has to be in memory, and I’m not sure if there is enough space for that.

There are some potential workarounds:

  1. parameterized styles (this is edit mode, and we already have this)
  2. dynamic layer selection (you build your style from a set of pre-defined layers, and each layer has parameters to set colors, this is edit mode on steroids basically)
  3. Load pre-compiled styles from SD. (RSX engineering is trying to implement this, it may or may not work well, we’ll see.)

okay that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing. Those three options all sound exciting. Cannot wait to see which ones work out. But as for the memory, according to Bill Gates, 64KB of memory is all you will ever need.

Which is in fact how much SRAM a V2.2 Proffieboard has…
(But it also has 256kb FLASH memory.)