Bladestyle works, soundfont will not play sound

I have done everything i can think of when trying to get the soundfont to work for my lightsaber. It lights up the bladestyle but when i get to the sound it makes a beep noise rather than the font file track. no noise comes from this sound but the thing is all of my other sounds work and i have unzipped the folder and quite literally everything you might be able to think of on the dot. i even got the sound from the dude that he used for his actual proffie which worked in his videos and such. the sound is called Array by jordans Sound fonts on etsy. Please help me figure out why the sound will not play but the bladestyle works.

Is the font formatted correctly for Proffieboard?

A beep means you’re missing font.wav.

The sounds need to be named correctly and 44kHz mono WAV files.

You can use Serial Monitor to determine issues with font. Remove below from config


With board still connected to Arduino go into Tools > Serial Monitor
Navigate to font


It will list sounds it finds, if any. Anything else is missing or formatted incorrectly.

More info on naming and formatting here:

It has the font.wav but but it is named font01 should it be named something different because i tried. i do not know how to check what hz the wav files are to be honest. it is formatted for proffie i have checked atleast every sound to make sure. i even had the dude send me his exact file from his proffie which worked for his.

font01.wav would work, if its formatted correctly but the beep means it wasn’t found or recognized by the OS

Follow steps to check in Serial Monitor and see what it says.

You can use Audacity to check formatting usually.

I don’t know if this will help but on my font folder it’s: font
Also I couldn’t get my quote to work until I did: quote1
Now all the quotes work for me.

Sound file naming is very simple. If there’s one sound, it doesn’t NEED a number, but can be named 1, 01, 001, it doesn’t matter.
If there are multiple sounds of the same kind, they need to be numbered sequentially. Again, 1, 2, 3, or 01, 02, 03, etc… doesn’t matter.
For best performance, sounds with multiples should go in a subfolder named what the sound is, like:
and so on.

Single sounds like a singular hum.wav should live in the root level of the font folder, no subdirectory.