Bladestyle conversion

I was wondering if there will ever be a way to import current blade styles, perhaps unoptimized ones and convert them to more optimized version whilst still retaining the same preons and effects.

Assuming you’re referring to the way I do things in the library, not really. I manually optimize all of the styles myself, often completely rewriting or implementing new approaches with each OS version. There’s no linear 1 to 1 approaches. It’s different for every style and effect.

What do you even mean by “optimized” ?
Runs faster?
Takes less memory?
Works better with edit mode?
Bigger and longer?
Looks cooler?
Less comprehensible?

I’ll venture a guess and say the want is to have bladestyles that are not ARG and EditMode compatible be that. If so as @Fett263 pointed out it’s not a 1 to 1 conversion and you gotta go in and rebuild the bladestyle. Granted StyleEditor can convert basics to ARG it’s not a “converter”.

If it’s a bladestyle someone has done and they’re still in the hobby message them to consider going to the ARG code. I can’t see why they wouldn’t offer both choices.

I always assume “optimize” in this context means takes less memory, no?

So, while Fett263 does optimize the styles for using as little memory as possible, they are still large and complicated styles. The real memory savings comes from re-using the same blade style multiple times, and then use arguments (edit mode) to change colors and other things.

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Absolutely, I “think” the original poster was referring to the way I rewrote the Greyscale styles for my OS7 library. I broke them down and rebuilt to cut their size by at least 35% of memory used with Edit Mode arguments included. I also built them into the Style Options format so that multiple could be added as a single style and then reused in multiple presets for even more memory saving. The original styles took up 115% of FLASH if you were to put all of them into one config, the OS7 library versions built into options only used 84% of FLASH.
It was a tedious and painstaking project, definitely not something that would be automated. In a lot of cases I remade most of the style to cut down on redundancy and wasted layers or rebuilt really complex transitions using more efficient methods.


You’re a world treasure, my man.


I admit I’ve yet to use edit mode at all. I’m also still only using 2.2, and while I do always have to cut back on the configs to get it to fit, we’re still talking 30-60 presets, depending on what I want on there.

Even on the low end, 30 presets is just effin’ EPIC, especially when you take into account I expected only one blade and sound on there (Preset? What’s a preset?) when I first decided to buy a saber three years ago. Proffie is so far beyond what I imagined was available, that I feel like a kid in a pre-1990’s Toys-R-Us when I’m messing around with mine after dark.

Life is good, and I will forever be appreciative to all who make that happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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