Blade wont turn on after pulling battery out

Hello I am new to Proffie. We just recently purchased a Starkiller Saber from Nsabers with a neopixel blade. it has a Proffie 2.2 in the hilt. I was able to follow some instructions to update it to OS6 online. everything was working fine but we are fairly new with now to the new menu system from Fet263.

My son was playing with the saber and he said that he accidentally turned off the motion settings (said something about motion off) so he unscrewed the hilt and pulled out the module while it was still on. he handed me the module only and I turned it off. While putting the module back into the hilt and trying to turn it on the neopixal blade won’t light up anymore.

The hilt seems to be working properly and the crystal chamber along with where the blade plugs in seems to be lighting up just fine but the blade itself is not working. I am wondering if you think my son damaged the blade and I need a new blade or if something is turned off in the settings. if you can give me some advice it would be really helpful thank you!

Check that the blade is fully seated, nothing in Edit Mode can turn the blade off or “damage” the blade.

Yes it is fully seated but still not turning on the blade itself

Do you have another blade to test?

Just out of curiosity, if you change presets does it light up?

Generally speaking, this could be one of:

  1. some software setting or configuration (although I’m not sure there is one that will just make the blade not turn on)
  2. a poor connection or short somewhere. (Bent pogo pins, for instance)
  3. A fried component in the hilt.
  4. A fried component in the blade.

WIthout knowing which one it is, it’s difficult to fix. Unless it’s (1), you need a multimeter to make progress on figuring out where the problem is.

I currently don’t have another blade to test with right now. It does not light up the blade at all. it does light up the hilt and the crystal chamber, just not the blade itself

On all presets or just one?

It’s on all presets.

So, it’s not particularly easy to tell if the problem is in the blade or in the hilt. You would need a multimeter, and then make sure that the blade is getting data and power from the hilt.

Since you have a removable chassis, there is also a reasonably good chance that the problem is in the chasis ↔ hilt connection.

Basically, your options are:

  1. use a multimeter to find out where the problem is. ($)
  2. buy a new blade and hope it works ($$)
  3. ask the people who installed it to fix it for you ($$$)
  4. buy a new one ($$$$)
  5. give up, go join a commune and give up all earthly possessions (free)