Blade variants using 5.9 library

How do you make a blade style variant! I managed to do it on accident so instead of having the color wheel it rotates a “secondary “ blade style. Do i just post two styles one after the other with the closing brackets under a font. I tried to find answers but to no avail. Thanks

The easiest way is to use ColorChange:


Click on it, then try changing the “variant” field, and you’ll see the color change.

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And using ColorChange as Profezzorn said, you would substitute your whole style for each color. You’d grab everything between StylePtr< and >()
So replacing the colors with the layers of your styles basically.

FWIW, the OS5 library let’s you do this easily in the Dual Phase Style Builder, just change “Control” to “Click to Change” and it will combine two styles/colors into a ColorChange automatically. This will help provide a template for set up.

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Thanks i appreciate the guidance