Blade style reacting to switch presses

Not sure if there’s a topic for this already or if it’s already available but I haven’t found it yet. But wanted to suggest if there could be a blade style, that would react such as turn on or off on button events.

The use case I have is for Electrum touch clamp cards. When the user taps one of the touch buttons, the accent LEDs near that capacitive touch button would light up.

So if I tap the switch defined for BUTTON_POWER it would trigger an event that the blade style could listen in on and turn on/off, or other animated effects.

I know that for regular switches this could work by wiring the switch and accent LED in series. But with touch buttons only needing 1 wire I’m not sure if that idea holds.

Wiring a LED and a button in series is not going to work well in most cases, since we use PWM to control the LEDs. Sending a PWM signal to a button is going to make it difficult to read the result from it.

All of this could be implemented in the prop with a few if statements, but I don’t think it belongs in the blade style.

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