Blade Style problem

Successful compile and upload to saber, yet styles 1,2 and 3 do not produce a main blade effect, only clash and blaster effects on an otherwise dark blade. Arduino is latest version and using OS 6.6. Is this one of those situations where I should try formatting the SD card or deleting those .ini and .tmp files on the root of the SD card to see if that fixes the problem? Or do I have config issues after all? I tried looking for a previous solution on Crucible, but no luck.

Well if you have nothing to lose, certainly give it a try!

Can’t answer that unless you post your config…

Where are the blade styles from?
Do they work correctly in Style Editor?

Update: I deleted those .ini and .tmp files, re-uploaded and that’s seems to have fixed it. To answer you other questions, they are all from FETT’s blade style library and yes they all work in the style editor.