Blade Style possibilities (with force effect activation)

Just wondering if (or how) something like this below is possible with proffie OS7:

1- Normal Saber ignition - Triggers hum01.wav file and original blade color.
2- When the saber is already ignited (active), …when triggering a force effect, it then swaps to hum02.wav (and stays on hum02) and changes the blade color.
3- Triggering a force effect again, then swaps back to hum01 and original blade color.

I could have swore I saw that this was possible, but couldnt find the video/documentation on how to implement this.

Does it need to be the “Force” effect?
You can do this with the Special Abilities in my OS7 Library pretty easily using Multi Phase (Special Abilities) or Kyber Select (Special Abilities) styles.

Eventually, I’ll look at other effects for future Phases but they kind of open a “can of worms” so I haven’t had time to tackle. Special Abilities were specifically added and set up to handle these for OS7 without getting tangled with existing effects.

I was hoping to trigger it via force effect. Mostly because im building a Corran Horn sound font, and i wanted to use the force effect to trigger the sound of activating his other crystals…and in doing so the blade (and hum) would change.

Right now I can do it with the current OS6 style library using Force Boost trigger to alter the blade…but it doesnt do anything for sound (switching to an alt hum).

Alt Font is only available in OS7 so OS6 can’t do the sound no matter what you set up. The suggestions above will work perfectly for Corran Horn, the Legends book description of how he rotated the hilt to switch the crystals is actually a primary inspiration for both Multi-Phase and Special Ability controls as I developed them :wink:

Coolio! Cant wait for the new OS7 style library then! I’m going to continue building and releasing the sound font with the intention of the end user having “alt” sound options, so when the OS7 style library comes out it will be capable to use OS7 style functionality and they can build it as how they see fit.