Blade style: color change on swing count

I would like to create a custom lightsaber style, or at least one I don’t see existing currently. This style would be very similar to the style that already exists in the 9th Jedi: Kara style. (The way I am able to understand it,) This style is interactive in that it counts the number of clashes, then has a triggering mechanism in the form of a lockup, that results in the blade changing colors.

Ideally what I would like to do is just make use of Fett263’s style library to construct a style that does the following:

  1. If possible include some mechanism that counts swing numbers
  2. Trigger a color change at 5 swings
  3. Trigger a separate color change at 10 swings

Any help, or other ideas/options are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time in advance.

While not exactly the same as your description, you can use this as a roadmap :wink:

Or you can use the Blade Builder and build an “Interactive Kinetic Swing” blade, not exactly the same but you could modify as needed.

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