Blade socket build different

I choose a little different option for the blade socket. A simple GX16 7pin plug. Very durable and a decent vintage touch.
I used two pins for each pole and the middle for Data.
My blade is made of a 7/8" clear acrylic tube.
I place a white ptfe tube inside and use two strips with 144Led on each side.

Yeah, thoses aviator connectors were the first kind of connectors used for blades. Robust to say the least.

Not that robust.
I’ve managed to bend pins and cause shorts on mine. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. I used the most opposite pins and have two blank ones between them. But mine will be for display only. Hope it works

If you need a more robust connector, the 3-prong Cannon plugs still used for “XLR” balanced analog audio are really durable, readily available at a low cost, and can carry a lot of current. They were used for the battery connector on some early, low power models of electric scooters.

It may seem strange that audio connectors are that sturdy and rated for upwards of 10A, but they need to take a lot of abuse in the field, and the same connectors are used not only for microphones and mixers, but also for speaker feeds, which is a high current, low voltage signal, i.e. just what a light saber needs.

(Edit: added the common name “XLR”, thanks.)

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Aren’t these more commonly called XLR connectors?

Unless there’s more than 3 pins, like DMX or Clear Com stuff. Neutrik has all of that stuff for anyone interested.