Blade profiles for vehicle sound fonts

This is directed towards Fett263. There’s no way to message, so I am just posting here. I like the Hyperspace that goes with Kyberphonics Piece of Junk Millennium Falcon font.
Any possibility to make blade profiles for:

JuanSith’s Red 5 X-Wing and TIE Leader fonts

Kyberphonic’s F1 Racer/Anakin Skywalker Pod racer and N1 Starfighter fonts

Thank you

Are these fonts meant for sabers, or for some other type of prop?

Maybe we need a prop file for spaceship models?

Blade profiles, so yes for sabers.

I had done a TIE and X-wing, you’re welcome to them here:

And Juansith’s RedFive:

In ProffieOS parlance, a “blade” is anything that lights up. :slight_smile:
But yes, I understand that these were made for sabers.
Installing lights and sounds into models still seems like it could be fun though.
I’m not a model builder myself, so I don’t know if it’s something people would like or not.

Madcow did a TIE with a soundboard. Laser LEDs go pew-pew, smoothswing while swooshing it around in the air is cool. :man_shrugging:

What would they look like? The Hyperspace style is meant to mimic the view from the cockpit of any ship traveling through Hyperspace. Anything is possible just need a visual reference, in many cases, there’s already a library style that can do, it just may not be named for the specific ship :wink:

That sounds interesting for like a model kit or 3d print… So the first question is what behaviors would we want… blasters yes… engine hum smooth swing for doppler effect… like with sabers… hyperspace/ ftl/warp/turbo mode… that sounds like a “latching” lock up… breakdown/mechanical trouble effects? Shield hit effects? self destruct?

Next comes 1 button ? 2 buttons ? 3 ? 4?

I think 2 or 3 button set up would be best…

main button: tap- change on off states, long- jump event or change font when off, double click

blaster button: works in on or off modes, tap- blasters, hold - torpedos, long hold can also turn shilds on or off in 2 button mode

Sheild button: second on/off state? hold - shields up and down, tap in shield on state- shield hit with the random chance of going down, tap in shield off state- ship explodes.

power + blaster: extra long hold self destruct like in the blaster prop.

blaster + shields : hold cloak…

swing: standard smooth swing stuffs…

movement events: thrust/jab/stab- FTL lock up

tap/clash: shield event…

I think that would cover most ship behavior in a prop file.

Thank you. Do you have any demo videos? Please pardon my questions as I am not familiar with proffieboards. I have only done font and blade profile install on CFX. I plan to have sabers installed with proffie in the future by Solo Sabers. So the files you showed me, the installer would just copy as it is to the config file?
Also I assume the TIE and X-Wing profiles are more general and the JuanSith Red 5 profile is the best for his particular font.

I don’t think I have them on video anywhere.
Yes, just copy and paste the blade styles into a preset.
I’d have to take a look, but X-Wing and red 5 are probably very close. Nothing particular to the font calls for specific animations that I recall.

I’m not sure. I was thinking maybe you could come up with some ideas. I admire your work.
So in a way the Hyperspace could work with the X-Wing and maybe the N1 Starfighter with some adjustments.

For my CFX saber I used Crystal Focus Magnaguard Electric Staff font and played around with it. I got this neat yellow with purple electricity look. I thought it went well with Anakin’s pod racer, since it mocked the color of the lights on the dash and the purple electricity in between the engines.

For my proffie one I had Sabertrio use the Shock Baton profile, in pinkish purple since that one lights up from the handle and the tip and meets in the middle to mimic when the pod racer engine starts and the electricity unites the engines.

Looks like RedFive is center blade focused while the original, X-Wing, is normal emitter → tip.

You can see the style and try it out here:
Preon is sparking engine ignitions.
Retraction syncs to in.wavs and is engines winding down (toward center animation)

I just updated the Pastebin to be the OS6 compliant WavLen<> based version.

Try the Blade Builder, there’s literally 100s of thousands of style possibilities you can build to match what you’re looking for, you can apply custom colors, mixes, modifiers and blends to pretty much replicate anything ;-).