Blade ID suggestion: variable blade count

It would be super handy if we could have a variable blade count. I’m building a crystal chamber that’s removable, and i’m adding a resistor to trigger blade ID. It occurred to me that I have to keep the blade count the same for both configurations, which is going to be tricky to manage. Being able to set a blade count at the blade config section rather than at the config_top would add a ton of flexibility for add-on configurations like that.

There’s no need: you just mark it as a 1pxl and put a blank style.

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It would also add a lot of opportunity for messing up.

Either way, C++ doesn’t really allow for variable blade counts unless I make changes to how configurations work, which doesn’t seem like a good idea at this time.

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As Baldusi said, you can use a dummy blade to keep the blade counts consistent on both blade arrays. Easiest way is probably to make, say, your crystal chamber a sub-blade, with a one pixel second blade on that sub list. That way all the LED pad assignments and data line assignments all stay consistent, and you can just set the second dummy pixel to black.