Blade does not light-up fully and cannot reconfig

After installing ProffieOS for the first time, my blade didnot light-up completely (80% of length). It should have 122 LED but that setting was at 144 in the config file when I first installed ProffieOS.

Now it looks like I am unable to reload a new config with a new LED number or different volume (just as test value). Flashing the proffieboard with holding both buttons did not help… Arduino lists some errors while compiling but uploads 100% (error: “warning: memory region `SRAM2’ not declared” and “…ld.exe: warning: changing start of section .bss by 8 bytes” 5 times).

Is there a way I can read the installed config file on the proffieboard? E.g. via the serial monitor? Or are the warnings above causing the issue?

This is my first post so hope it is in the correct location. Please advise if not

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If your blade isn’t lit fully up, then that 144 isn’t the right number to change. If it’s the one at the top, you shouldn’t change it. It’s this bit at the end: WS281XBladePtr<135.

Your error is due to the compiled code not fitting on the board flash ROM.

Those are just compilation warnings that can be ignored. If you get a message like “Sketch uses 179152 bytes (68%) of program storage space. Maximum is 262144 bytes.”
it compiled fine.
If you get a 1-10 count with FAIL, it is not uloading.
A completed upload will show 1-100% progress bar
Make sure you save the config file before uploading again, or else the same info prior to the edit is being uploaded.

Also, ProffieOS 6.x can change blade lengths dynamically, which is saved in global.ini/tmp on the SD card. If your config file has KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING, then it might still use the value saved in the ini/tmp file.