Blade detect playing beeping sound when disconnecting blade and blade is not ignited

Hey yall,

Currently having an issue where when my saber is not ignited and I disconnect the saber from the chasis, the no_blade blade detect preset plays a beeping noise. When it is ignited, there is no beeping noise when I disconnect the saber.

What does the serial monitor say when you do this?
Also, can you post your config file?

Sorry, slightly a noob. How does one check the serial monitor?

I forgot to mention that it not only happens when disconnecting but when connecting as well. Its a twist on chasis so while its going back and forth between no_blade and blade, a beeping occurs when it is in that no_blade state.

This sounds like expected behavior when you don’t have a bladeout.wav in the font (it will beep instead)
As far as no beep when blade is on and blade is removed… are you sure? A beep is pretty hard to hear when there’s a hum and/or effects playing.

I would think you should not only have a beep when disconnecting the blade, but should have a “new preset” experience where you hear an ignition sound.
Not sure if serial monitor will show “playing a beep”, but nonetheless it would be good to see the messages output at the event of blade removal.

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A lack of bladeout.wav was the issue! Thank you!