Black Friday Deals

Just thought I’d start a quick thread to post up any deal people are getting. (as it’s black Friday!)

just picked up a pair of WS2813 strips for $30 or £23 depending on where you live :grin:

anyone else reaping the benefits of large discount codes or price reductions?

But…but…what should I get?!

Everything! :rofl:
Or at least as much stuff as you can get away with before getting into trouble :grin:

Great thanks a lot :\
Now I have TWO Darksabers on order. lol

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sounds like your inner child won the argument of “how many should I get?”
answer “one for each hand of course!”

mind you it does beg the question of “why two?”
do you have different ideas of how you would like them to be set up? or maybe a different look?

I have been in on theRPF SaberBay run for a long time, it just isn’t ready yet .
Korbanth released one, and while I think it’ll need some textured grip tape applied, it looks pretty good. So those are the 2 currently on their way.
I figure I’ll just sell the one I don’t want to keep.
I have been on a quest for a good Darksaber for a while.
First I got the old school Pachstore clunky one, which looks like the cartoon correctly, but has toy level electronics, and not friendly to upgrading.
The Solo’s Hold one had too many issues, I didn’t even open the boxes and sold it off.
The Pachstore Darkshadowblade one is kinda cool, but not anything accurate. That’s my current Proffieboard V3.7 test saber.
So the Mandalorian one looks sweet, so whomever gets closest to these renders wins. Right now, I just want to HOLD one lol.

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sounds like your unicorn :grin:
I hope you do find one that meets your expectations.
you’ll have to post a pic up when you get it.

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Kyberphonics has a good discount on at the moment.

so too does BK Saber Sounds

Bendu Armory has some AMAZING deals going on right now.

KR V2 Pixel Blades - $119
Hilts equip with your choice of Proffie or CFX starting around $337

I ended up grabbing a hilt and a KR pixel blade.

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