Best way to add blinking accent LEDs using Fett 263 style generator?

I have 2 accent LEDs on data2. I want to make them blink individually, on then off in sequence.
Currently using a simple static blade style, with slow run forward when off, and fast run forward when activated.

Is there a better option that will make them more blinky and less like a running sweep effect? Any way to add color changing into the mix? Or is it a limit because of them sharing the single data line?

Easiest would be to do them as SubBlades with 1 pixels each, then do one with “Blinking On-Off” style and the other in “Blinking Off-On”. They would be “roughly” opposite each other.

You can also try “K.I.T.T. Scanner” or one of the “Rotating Section” options.

Otherwise you probably need to build something custom.

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Ok, guess it’s time to learn sub blades. I’ll get to reading. If I do them as such, I would be able to control the color on them individually as well?

Yes, as long as you use color Arguments and not a fixed color.

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Groovy, got some learning to do. Thank you.

You’re welcome