Beginner's Checklist?

What I’ve done so far:

  1. Charge Batteries
  2. Remove batteries
  3. Remove SD card and insert into SD card Reader + Computer
  4. Make a backup copy of SD card files
  5. Flash SD card
  6. Installed Arduino
  7. Copy/Pasted URL into “Additional boards manager”
  8. Installed/updated 3.6 via boards manager
  9. Selected Proffieboard V2
  10. Selected “Serial + mass + WebUSB”
  11. Download and extract ProffieOS 6.7
  12. Get Data/Charging micro usb cable

and this is where everything becomes super murky for me watching 3-4 videos that were recommended to me. They either start diving into their customized setup, or they say don’t open up arduino from the shortcut that we just installed and did all those setups in, instead open up Arduino from the ProffieOS folder we just extracted, or then they’ll go into the WebUSB stuff or style editor. I’m usually a super patient guy, but after 10 minutes of unclear direction that instead feels like a detour, you lose me…

I just want to get back to the absolute basics first. I want to be updated to the latest ProffieOS stuff so that I can THEN start thinking about customizations afterward. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Try this, it includes what you have above but gives step-by-step instructions start to finish.

The super basic version is:

  1. Use the Proffieboard configurator to generate a config file that matches how your board is wired.
  2. Cut-n-paste the generated config into a .h file in the config directory.
  3. Update ProffieOS.ino to point to that file
  4. Connect board, hit “upload”

If you have the [default fonts])( on the SD card, it should all work, and you should be ready to start tweaking things the way you want them.

(If you don’t know how to do one of the steps above, maybe re-check the videos, or just ask here.)

Thank you, both of you! My saber came with a different set of default fonts so I contacted Padawan Outpost since I could not find the config.h file on the sd card. If I don’t hear back from them I will just have to go with the above default fonts.